Shiori Aiba is a Japanese-born material designer based in Berlin, and a graduate of Central Saint Martins’ MA Material Futures, following her BA in Plastics and Mixed Media at the University of Tsukuba.

Aiba’s work draws on her multitude of handcraft skills and experimental processes with materials which have, to many, become nonentities in the context of product design.

She challenges our modern perceptions of these materials, which have already been thoroughly explored in their most common uses, by experimenting with less conventional methodologies. In addition to this, she strives for well-directed, arresting visual presentation.

Following her MA project, Paper Redressed, Aiba’s current project is entitled Paper Menow. Menow ( 瑪瑙 ) is the Japanese for ‘agate’. In this body of work, she transforms paper into kaleidoscopic blocks, reminiscent of beautiful agate stones. These ‘stones’ are then meticulously hand-crafted into wearable jewellery pieces – a complete reimagining of paper’s application, function and material properties.

Photography – Karin Shikata